Azul Mediterraneo - Frizzante

Azul Mediterraneo - Frizzante

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Azul Mediterraneo - Frizzante

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Azul Mediterraneo Frizzante - Blue Wine

Casa Vital

Semi Dry, Sparkling, White, Verdejo 100%

Azul Mediterraneo the new blue wine is dedicated and made as a tribute to the blue Mediterranean sea for its beautiful blue colour. Is a revolution idea and brings passion to your life and your party. Azul Mediterráneo Frizzante is made from Verdejo grapes, and it is blue thanks to a natural pigment called anthocyanin. This pigment is extracted from the skin of blue grapes and is mixed with the broth until the chardonnay grape colour that characterizes Azul Mediterraneo.The secret to the colour is the anthocyanins which is found directly under the skin of the blue grapes. We add this in a complicated natural prosses. Anthocyanins is rich on antioxidants.


Producer: Casa Vital
Country: Spain
Dryness: Semi Dry
Condition: Sparkling
Varietal: Yes
Variety: Verdejo
Fits: seafood, Mushrooms, Fruits, Shrimp, White meat, Aappetizers, Fish, Mediterranean cuisine, Sweet whipped, Starters sweets, Tapas, Grilled vegetables, Chicken, Sushi, Salmon, Vegetarianism, Flan, Sweet cream, Vegetables, Pasta with seafood, Risotto with seafood, Sauce light, Nuts, Pasta, Sweet, Cheese, Appetizers, Poultry, Finger food, Seafood appetizers, Salads, Strawberries, Vegetable risotto, Pasta with white sauce, Shellfish

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