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The company specializes in the sale of bottled wines, drinks, food, and related products. Consent of the clientThe confirmation of the order by the customer implies the automatic and unconditional acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. Purchasing by e-mail, telephone, fax or mail implies the acceptance of these terms.Registration on wine24shop.gr By registering at wine24shop.gr, the customer gains faster order check out, as well as storage history of his orders..Product FeaturesThe company makes every effort to provide clear and accurate information about the main characteristics of the products listed on the website. All information and photographs come from the manufacturers - manufacturers of the products. The company is not liable for any incorrect information which comes from producers and manufacturers.The Product Managers we make every effort to provide all the items on the website with the corresponding image. In case of difference in appearance, the difference will not have any impact on the main specifications of the product.The customer service department of the company is available to customers for any confirmation by phone or e-mail.Offers and giftsGifts are offered depending on the main item purchased. Gifts are listed in the detailed pages for these products. The customer can not claim any discount or compensation where refuse the gifts the Company offers him. The prizes can not be refunded or compensated.PricesPrices are quoted in euros. Including VAT applicable each time, but not the shipping charges or any taxes, duties or fees that may apply in the mission for the payment of which is attributable to the recipient.The prices of the company's suppliers are in constant evolution, the prices shown are subject to modification at any time.All prices are available on the website with caution typo.Registration OrderThe customer can place an order with the company through the company's website, through e-mail, telephone, fax or mail. When the customer orders via the internet, he says his record in the corresponding order form. The client is asked to reread the press before validating an order. The company bears no responsibility for any incorrect send e-mail nor for any error when sending parcels which due to incorrectly filled order form by the customer.Order ConfirmationThe customer receives the order confirmation via e-mail, provided that there is a mistake in the email that stated on the order form.PaymentUnder the payment via credit or debit card, the account is directly bound to the value of products and value transport, where they exist at the time of completion of the ordering. The company reserves the right to refuse any order.PaymentThe payment options are shown on page Payment.The company has the right to refuse any order from a customer with whom there was previously payment problem.Anti-fraud measuresThe information provided by the customer when placing the order subject to control which aims to combat fraud in the use of credit card. The company is the recipient of the information associated with the customer's order. The failure to use these elements prevents the execution of transactions with the company. The non-payment because of a false or stolen credit card will result in the recording of personal data of the customer who placed the relative order in a special file. Any suspicious or abnormal declaration is also subject to special treatment.PricingThe order form filled by the customer through the website of the company is not for an invoice / receipt. Regardless of how the order was placed and the payment method, the customer receives the invoice / receipt of your order at the delivery of the product in the package. The company shall make available a copy of each invoice / receipt.Shipping / DeliveryMethods and FeesFor more information on how and shipping costs can be found on page Delivery Methods.PackageItems to be shipped are packaged with the utmost care and observe all relevant regulations. The processes and technology used evolve to optimizing packaging and aim above all customer satisfaction.Strikes and force majeureThe company will make every effort to inform the customer about the status of dispatch of the parcel where the couriers or the postal strike or other force majeure.ResponsibilityThe company is exempt from the requirements on the delivery of orders in cases of force majeure.The company assumes no responsibility regarding the misuse of the product by the customer.The websites directly or indirectly linked to the company's website are not under the control of the company. Consequently, the company accepts no responsibility for information published on this website. Links to third party websites are provided solely for the convenience of the customer.PrivacyLegal information and respect your privacyWhen you place your order, the information that a company is protected by our privacy. The information do not include credit card information (number, owner name, CCV2, expiration date, etc.). This information is under the control of the company and are not disclosed to any third party. Your email address is used only for what is related to your order, and to take our offers. By accepting the terms of use, you agree to and agree to enter the wine24shop mailing list, where you are informed about our news and offers. Our aim is to offer the best quality services at the lowest possible price. To achieve this, we reserve the right to change the above policies at any time. All information is collected lawfully and in accordance with the instructions of the Authority for Personal Data Protection. Terms of use.Accepting the terms of use of Wine24shop, expressly and irrevocably agree that you are over 18 years for purchase products from our store. According to the instructions of the Authority for Personal Data Protection we inform you that your data is used by our internal services and you have every right to access and modify your personal data.Secure TransactionsWebsites to login to your account (login) a safety certificate in order to protect the confidentiality of the username and password. We take all necessary precautions to keep your data secure orders.The responsibility for payment rests with the respective bank and after our store uses the process redirect, ie the reference pages of the Bank for secure payment (liquidation) via your credit card. With the exception of negligence on our part, we are not responsible for any losses resulting from unauthorized access to information provided by you.Modification of the general conditions of saleThese terms are modifiable at any time, the customer is therefore invited to consult them as often as possible.By accepting the terms of use of Wine24shop, you expressly and irrevocably agree that you are over 18 years of age to purchase products from our online store and that your email address can be used by us to receive our newsletter with our offers and news.For any legal action concerning customers ordering through the website of the company decide the Courts of Thessaloniki, Greece.