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Article title: Serkova Crystal Pure Vodka 700ml

Serkova Crystal Pure Vodka 700ml

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Vodka Serkova Crystal PureSerkova Crystal Pure Premium Vodka comes as the finishing touch to the Serkova product range, fully developing the potential of the range's knowhow. Being ten times distilled, this utterly refined spirit boasts an excellent blend as well as an extremely smooth and velvety taste. The crystalline texture is no coincidence either. Serkova Crystal Pure is made of 100% wheat and, without a doubt, choosing the best raw material is paramount in creating an end product of the highest quality. Last but not least, the bottle certainly matches the allure of its content. Executed in frosted glass, the minimal yet bold design spells quality at first sight. Combining luxury and originality with confidence of spirit and purity of taste, Serkova Crystal Pure dares you to take a sip.

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