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Barmans, bar and hotel equipment, horeca equipment, tools for the bartender and barista, barstation and coffestation constructions made to your own custom-made needs. We manufacture professional equipment according to the needs and dimensions that serve you for your business. Cabinets, cups, lockers, work tables, induction funnels, shelves, chests of drawers, heat-ladders, bain-mills, countertops, refrigerated chambers and showcase refrigerators. We specialize in various and special constructions at customer's request in Inox products made to your measure.

WebPage: Barstation
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WebPage: Coffeestation
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WebPage: Drink Station
Drink Station
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WebPage: Pitcher Rinser
Pitcher Rinser
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WebPage: Taljsten
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Professional Equipment
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WebPage: Bar Equipment
Bar Equipment
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Barista Equipment
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WebPage: Cups - Glasses
Cups - Glasses
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